Over 45 years in organization management and organization development. Major areas of consulting practice are change leadership, strategic thinking, strategic planning, organization culture, organization change.

From 1986 - 2000, as partner in Dannemiller Tyson Associates  consulting in and taught the Whole-ScaleÔ Change process applied to strategic planning and implementation, mergers and acquisitions, and culture change in healthcare, manufacturing, high tech, academic, service, publishing and energy organizations, non-profits and government agencies in the United States, Canada, Europe, India and Australia.

For the past 10 years my consulting has been primarily with university college deans and department heads at the University of Michigan, The Ohio State University and Eastern Michigan University.

For over 30 years co-designer and facilitator of workshops for organization leaders regarding change leadership, strategic thinking strategic planning, and strategy execution 

Co-author of Real-Time Strategic Change: A Consultant Guide to Large-Scale Meetings; Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations; and Whole-Scale Change Toolkit. Author of over 100 papers on organization change leadership, strategic planning and execution and organizational consulting - many are on this website

Faculty in the University of Michigan Tauber Institute for Global Operations: Leading Change module, 2003- 2010, and in the University of Michigan Continuing Education for Women Advanced Leadership Program, 2005-2015.

Adjunct Faculty in the Bowling Green State University Masters of Organizational Development Program 2003 - 2006: co-facilitator of the Field Consulting Experience and other courses.


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